New Zealand Manufacturing FAQ

Workspace is a New Zealand based designer and manufacturer of high quality LED lighting. Our factory is located in Christchurch with a team of hard working Kiwis that all contribute to our local economy. 

We want to ensure that all potential customers have an accurate understanding of our New Zealand Made products and our New Zealand manufacturing processes so they can make an informed choice when purchasing our products. This pages aims to address some frequently asked questions.  

Are your lights made in New Zealand?

Yes, we carry out a manufacturing process on a large number of raw components. We use an automated assembly line to manufacture LED chips into completed modules, machine specialised plastic sheet into end-caps and build a final product that is loved by Kiwis all over New Zealand.

If all the parts don’t come from New Zealand, isn’t it just assembly?

No, if Workspace® used “Assembled in New Zealand from imported components” it would indicate working with a kit-set of parts—meaning we were simply putting things together—which is not what we do. As highlighted earlier, many of our parts are also manufactured here in NZ.

What defines ‘Made in New Zealand’?

The true definition of Made in New Zealand is not set in stone by the New Zealand Commerce Commission. “Whether a product is ‘made in New Zealand’ depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the product and what consumers understand about it.” – NZ Commerce Commission“The test as to whether a ‘made in New Zealand’ claim breaches the Act is based on whether such a claim is likely to be misleading to New Zealand consumers.” NZ Commerce Commission Place of Origin Fact Sheet 

Is this covered by a New Zealand warranty?

Absolutely. Workspace is a New Zealand based company. All warranty & service cases are handled in our Christchurch factory by our Kiwi team. 

We unconditionally guarantee that if you buy one of our LED lights it will be manufactured here in New Zealand from local and imported parts and will be of the highest quality. We further guarantee that in the unlikely event of a failure, we will fix the problem without additional freight costs and we will fix it quickly.

I have more questions, what can I do?

As always, our friendly Kiwi team would love to address any questions or concerns that haven’t been addressed here. Please visit the Contact Us page on our website to submit a support ticket.